Battle of Adwa

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Ethiopian Empire Alula Engida
Ethiopian Empire Makonnen
Ethiopian Empire Mengesha Yohannes
Ethiopian Empire Mikael of Wollo
Ethiopian Empire Tekle Haymanot
Ethiopian Empire Taytu Betul

The Battle of Adwa (usually known as Adowa, or sometimes by the Italian name Adua) was fought on 1 March 1896 between Ethiopia and Italy near the town of Adwa, Ethiopia, in Tigray. It was the climactic battle of the First Italo-Ethiopian War.



As the 20th century approached, most of 19th century Africa had been carved up between the various European powers. The two exceptions were the tiny Republic of Liberia on the west coast of the continent and the ancient Ethiopian Empire in the strategic Horn of Africa. The Kingdom of Italy was a relative newcomer to the colonial scramble for Africa. Italy possessed only two recently obtained territories. Both were impoverished and located near Ethiopia on the Horn of Africa, Eritrea and Somalia. Italy sought to improve its position in Africa by conquering Ethiopia, which would join its two territories.

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