Battle of Stalingrad

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Coordinates: 48°42′N 44°31′E / 48.7°N 44.517°E / 48.7; 44.517

Romanian 3rd Army
Romanian 4th Army
Italian 8th Army
Hungarian 2nd Army
Croatian Legion

270,000 men
3,000 artillery pieces
500 tanks
600 aircraft, 1,600 by mid-September (Luftflotte 4)[Note 1][2]

At the time of the Soviet counter-offensive:
1,011,000 men
10,250 artillery pieces
675 tanks
732 (402 operational) aircraft[3]:225[4]:87

Naval warfare

Baltic Sea - Black Sea - Arctic - (Arctic Convoys - Rösselsprung - Wunderland)


Barbarossa - (Białystok and Minsk - Smolensk - Uman - Leningrad - 1st Kiev - Sevastopol - Rostov - Moscow) - Finland - Chechnya


Battles of Rzhev - (Toropets and Kholm - Demyansk - Velikiye Luki - Mars) - 2nd Kharkov - Case Blue - Stalingrad - (Uranus - Winter Storm)

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