Bavaria Brewery (Netherlands)

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Bavaria is a Dutch brewery founded in 1719 by Laurentius Moorees in Lieshout, North Brabant, and currently owned by the Swinkels family.



The brewery produces a range of standard and low alcohol pale lagers under a variety of brand names including Bavaria and Hollandia. The best-known global product is Bavaria Premium Pils lager. But the brewery also makes an alcohol-free beer; malts are also available in apple, caramel, lemon and karkadé flavours. It is also contracted to make a number of European supermarket own-brand Dutch lagers.

In France, Bavaria makes two special beers called Bavaria 8.6 and Bavaria 8.6 Red. Other special beers include the La Trappe and the Moreeke, a tribute to one of Bavaria's founding fathers, Laurentius Morees. In Australia, the Liquorland chain of bottle shops distribute both Bavaria and Hollandia brands as 'premium' imported Dutch beers. Bavaria Crown is sold in Ireland. Since the early 1990s, Bavaria has exported premium beer to several countries in the former Soviet Union.


BY 1719, Laurentius Moorees had founded Bavaria Brouwerij in Lieshout, 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from Eindhoven. Annually the village brewery produced around 88 barrels (approximately 14400 liters) of beer. It was not until Moorees' great-grandson received ownership of the brewery that production was expanded. Jan Swinkels, born in 1851, increased distribution and operations at the site. By 1910 a malting plant had been built (it still produces malt for Bavaria and other breweries) and output had increased to tens of thousands of liters of beer per annum. By 1924 the original brewery buildings had become too small for the plant so a larger brewery was built in Lieshout. In 1933 the brewery added its own bottling plant, which produced 2,000 bottles-per-hour.

Until the 1970's Bavaria only concentrated on the Dutch market but it now sells products in up to 100 countries. The brewery, which adapts its drinks to individual markets, has sales subsidiaries in France, Spain, Italy, England, South-Africa and America and agents in other countries. For instance In 1978, alcohol-free malt beer was exported to countries in the Middle East.

Bavaria is now the second largest brewery in Holland. The annual production is above five million hectolitres of beer. The majority of beer is still brewed in Lieshout, but Bavaria products are also brewed locally in Russia by Efes Beverage Group (EBI) and at Bavaria's own brewery in South-Africa. The company also has a soft drinks factory, two malt houses and has links with a Trappist Brewery. Barley is still malted in Bavaria's own malt houses in Lieshout and in the Eemshaven. These two malt houses have an annual capacity of 240,000 tonnes and are a joint venture between Bavaria and a farmers' cooperative called the Holland Malt company.

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