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Benjamin William Bova (born November 8, 1932) is an American science-fiction author and editor.


Personal life

Ben Bova was born on November 8, 1932 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1953, while attending Temple University in Philadelphia, he married Rosa Cucinotta; they had a son and a daughter. He would later divorce Rosa in 1974. In that same year he married Barbara Berson Rose.[1] Barbara Bova died on September 23, 2009.[2]

Bova was an avid fencer in his younger days, and organized Avco Everett's fencing club.

Professional career

Bova worked as a technical writer for Project Vanguard in the 1950s and later for Avco Everett in the 1960s when they did research in lasers and fluid dynamics. At Avco Everett he met Arthur R. Kantrowitz (later of the Foresight Institute).

In 1972 Bova became editor of Analog Science Fiction after John W. Campbell's death in 1971. After leaving Analog in 1978, he went on to edit Omni during 1978-1982.

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