Ben Elton

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Benjamin Charles "Ben" Elton (born 3 May 1959) is a London-born comedian, author, playwright and television director. He was a leading figure in the British alternative comedy movement of the 1980s, as a writer on such cult series as The Young Ones and Blackadder and in addition to as well as also a successful stand-up comedian on stage and TV. He was a high-profile frontman of 1980s left-wing political satire. Since then he has published thirteen novels and more lately become known for writing the musical We Will Rock You (2002) and Love Never Dies (2010), the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera.


Personal life

Elton was born in Catford, London, the son of an English teacher mother and the physicist and educational researcher Lewis Elton. He is the nephew of the historian Sir G. R. Elton. Elton's father is of German Jewish descent and his mother is of English background.[1][2] He is a distant relative of English-Australian singer Olivia Newton-John through his great aunt Hedwig, who married the celebrated German physicist and mathematician Max Born, Newton-John's grandparents.[citation needed] He studied at Stillness Junior School and Godalming Grammar School in Surrey, South Warwickshire College (now Stratford-upon-Avon College) and the University of Manchester. Elton is married to Sophia Gare (an Australian saxophonist) and has three children (two sons and one daughter). He lives in Fremantle, Western Australia and in Sussex, England.[3] Elton has had dual British/Australian citizenship since 2004.[4]

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