Beneath the Planet of the Apes

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Beneath the Planet of the Apes is a 1970 American science fiction film directed by Ted Post, and the first of four sequels to 1968's Planet of the Apes. The film stars James Franciscus, Linda Harrison, and Kim Hunter, and features Charlton Heston in a supporting role.



Following the events of Planet of the Apes, time-displaced astronaut Taylor (Charlton Heston) and the mute Nova (Linda Harrison) are riding on horseback through the desert of the Forbidden Zone. Suddenly and without warning, walls of fire spring up from the ground and deep chasms open in the earth. Confused by the strange phenomenon, Taylor investigates a cliff wall and disappears before Nova's eyes.

Elsewhere in the Forbidden Zone, a second human spaceship has crash-landed after being sent in search of Taylor and his crew. Like Taylor's ship, it has travelled forward through time into Earth's distant future. However, like Taylor, surviving astronaut Brent (James Franciscus) is unaware of this and believes that he has travelled to another planet. He encounters Nova and notices that she is wearing Taylor's dog tags. Hoping that Taylor is still alive, he rides with her to Ape City, where he is shocked to discover a civilization of bipedal, talking apes. He observes the gorilla General Ursus (James Gregory) leading a rally calling for the apes to invade the Forbidden Zone, conquer it, and use it as a potential food source, against the objections of the orangutan Dr. Zaius (Maurice Evans). Brent is wounded by a gorilla soldier and taken by Nova to the home of the chimpanzees Cornelius (David Watson) and Zira (Kim Hunter), who treat his wound and tell him of their previous encounter with Taylor. The humans hide when Dr. Zaius arrives and announces that he will accompany Ursus on the invasion of the Forbidden Zone.

Attempting to flee the city, Brent and Nova are captured by gorillas. Ursus orders that they be used for target practice, but Zira helps them to escape. They hide in a cave which Brent discovers to be the ruins of the Queensboro Plaza station of the New York City Subway, sparking the realization that he has travelled to Earth's post-apocalyptic future. Following a humming sound deeper into the underground tunnels, he begins to hear voices compelling him to kill Nova. Entering the remains of St. Patrick's Cathedral, he finds a population of telepathic humans who worship an intact nuclear bomb.

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