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Bevara Sverige Svenskt (BSS, "Keep Sweden Swedish") was a Swedish racist[1][2] movement based in Stockholm and is a slogan used by various Swedish nationalist parties. The stated objective of the BSS movement, and the aim of the slogan, was to initiate a debate in order to stop immigration by non-Europeans and repatriate non-ethnic Swedes.

Founded as a loosely coupled network in 1979 by Leif Zeilon, and formalized as an organization in 1983, BSS was involved with the populist Progress Party (Swedish: Framstegspartiet) in 1986. This co-operation took place under the name Sweden Party (Swedish: Sverigepartiet). This cooperation evolved into the Sweden Democrats (Swedish: Sverigedemokraterna) in 1988.[3]

Claiming not to be racists, their often aggressive sticker campaigns arguably spoke a different language with slogans such as "Låt inte din dotter bli en negerleksak" (Don't let your daughter become a negro toy) and "Negrer hotar sina offer" (Negros threaten their victims).[4]

Although the number of members was comparatively small, BSS represented the first organized attempt to reduce immigration and as a result received massive media attention.[citation needed]

The slogan "Keep Sweden Swedish" was taken on by the Sweden Democrats and became prevalent during 2003-2004, when it was used for headlines in the party newspaper "SD Kuriren" and as slogans on bumper stickers.[citation needed]



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