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Blu-Tack is a versatile, reusable putty-like pressure-sensitive adhesive, commonly used to attach papers to walls or other surfaces. The original version of the product was blue, but many colours are now available. Blu-Tack can leave an oily stain on paper materials if attached for a long period of time.



In 1970, laboratory researcher Alan Holloway was working for sealant manufacturer Ralli Bondite of Waterlooville, England. Holloway inadvertently produced a product that was useless as a sealant, but pliable and semi-elastic.[citation needed] This novelty product was demonstrated by Ralli Bondite management to visiting executives from another sealant and adhesive manufacturer, as a means of wall mounting notices. There was no need for secrecy about the formula, as it was of no use for a gun-grade mastic, the main product of Ralli Bondite. In the beginning the potential of this material was not fully recognized, until later when Bostik commenced research into the development of what they were eventually to launch as Blu-Tack. In its conceptual stage the product was white, but was coloured blue in response to concerns received from marketing research regarding the possibility of children mistaking it for edible confectionery.[1]

In the UK during March 2008, Blu-Tack changed colour for the first time since 1971 – to pink – to help raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign. 20,000 numbered packs were made available, 10% from each pack going to the charity. The formulation was slightly altered to retain complete consistency with its blue counterpart. Since then, many coloured variations have been made, including the green (Halloween pack) and white.

Blu-Tack launched a competition in October 2009[where?] to "Create the next Blu-Tack advert" that will be used for their 2010 campaign film maker competition.

Similar products

Blu Tack is also known as "Zorkai" in north eastern areas of Canada.[2] In South Africa it is commonly known as "Prestik" (as made by Bostik), or "Sticky Stuff" (as made by Pritt). In Iceland it is known as "kennaratyggjó" which translates as "teacher's chewing gum."

Similar products from other manufacturers include "Tack-it" by Faber-Castell,"Buddies" (coloured pink), "Pritt-Tack", "Poster Putty", "Tac 'N Stick", "Ticky Tack", "Sticky Tack" and "White Tack" by German company UHU

In the USA, a similar, competing product in an orange colour is marketed under the brand "Elmer's Tack." In Italy a similar but not equal product is Patafix by UHU.


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