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The Book of Mosiah is one of the books which make up the Book of Mormon. The title refers to Mosiah II, a king of the Nephites at Zarahemla. The book covers the time period between ca 130 BC and 91 BC, except for when the book has a flashback into the Record of Zeniff, which starts at ca 200 BC, according to footnotes.



King Benjamin Speaks and Appoints an Heir

The Book of Mosiah opens with the Nephites (the descendants of Nephite people and the people of Zarahemla who merged together and are now called the Nephites) living in peace under the rule of righteous King Benjamin in the land of Zarahemla. King Benjamin, who is getting old, decides to bestow the throne on his son Mosiah. He gathers all the people together and speaks to them from a high tower.

His discourse in chapters 2 through 9 is considered by many Book of Mormon readers to be a significant piece of the Book of Mormon. He speaks of his principles of leadership, he emphasizes that he has worked himself as to not burden his people with taxes, and that the laws he has enacted are based on the laws of God. He states that serving one another is equivalent to serving God. He speaks of an angelic visitation and prophecies of Jesus Christ, his birth, identifying his mother as being named Mary, his ministry and miracles, his suffering, death and resurrection. He speaks of Jesus as being the judge, of his atonement as the means to overcome sin and the tendencies of the natural man in order to become a holy person. He emphasizes the importance to have faith in Jesus and to repent in order to become a child of Jesus Christ through His atonement.

He also decrees that his son Mosiah is the new king. (He is the second king Mosiah, as his grandfather was also King Mosiah.)

An Expedition to the Land of Nephi and a Story Within a Story

The book changes time narration as it reflects on events that were past but are now being unfolded. The Nephites wanted to know what had happened to some of them who had taken a trip back to the land of Nephi in an attempt to reclaim it. Mosiah sends a small group on an expedition to find out (chapter 7). Some of this small group is met by guards and taken to prison and then brought before a king named Limhi. Limhi tells this group their story and shows the Record of Zeniff, who was the leader of the first group to try and reclaim the land of Nephi. This story within a story encompasses chapters 9 through 22.

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