Boxing Helena

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Boxing Helena is the 1993 debut feature film by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David Lynch.[2] The film stars Julian Sands and Sherilyn Fenn as the eponymous Helena.[3]




Nick Cavanaugh (Sands) is a lonely Atlanta surgeon obsessed with a girl named Helena (Fenn). After she is injured in a grievous hit-and-run motor vehicle accident in front of his home, he kidnaps and treats her in his house surreptitiously, amputating both of her legs. Later, he amputates her healthy arms as well.

Though Helena is the victim of Nick's kidnapping and mutilation, she dominates the dialogue with her constant emasculating ridicule of him for all of his shortcomings.

Twist ending

After some time living together she becomes lonely and returns his affection. However, at the end it is revealed that everything since the accident was a dream. In the reality of the movie, Nick took Helena to the hospital, where she was successfully operated on, apparently without the loss of any limb.


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