Brisbane River

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The Brisbane River is the longest river in south east Queensland, Australia, and flows through the city of Brisbane, before emptying into Moreton Bay. The river is dammed by the Wivenhoe Dam, forming Lake Wivenhoe, the main water supply for Brisbane. The river was named after the Governor of New South Wales, Thomas Brisbane, by the explorer John Oxley in 1823.

The CityCat ferry service collects and delivers passengers along the inner-city reaches of the river. The Port of Brisbane manages the movement of larger vessels into the river from the bay.



Before European settlement, the Brisbane River was a vital food source for the Aboriginal people of the Turrbal Nation. The Turrbal people were fishing people. The river was also important to the Turrbal people for spiritual and recreational activities.

Four European navigators, namely Captain Cook, Matthew Flinders, John Bingle[1] and William Edwardson,[2] all visited Moreton Bay but failed to discover the river. The exploration by Flinders took place during his expedition from Port Jackson north to Hervey Bay in 1799. He spent a total of 15 days in the area, touching down at Woody Point and several other spots, but failed to discover the mouth of the river although there were suspicions of its existence. This is consistent with accounts of many other rivers along the east coast of Australia, which could not be found by seaward exploration but were discovered by inland travellers.[3]

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