Bristol Aeroplane Company

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The Bristol Aeroplane Company, originally British and Colonial Aeroplane Company, was a major British aviation company. In 1956 its major operations were split into Bristol Aircraft and Bristol Aero Engines. In 1959 Bristol Aircraft merged with several major British aircraft companies to form the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC), and Bristol Aero Engines merged with Armstrong Siddeley to form Bristol Siddeley.

BAC went on to become a founding component of the nationalised British Aerospace, now BAE Systems. Bristol Siddeley was purchased by Rolls-Royce in 1966, who continued to develop and market Bristol-designed engines. The BAC works were in Filton, about 4 miles north of Bristol city centre. BAE Systems still operate from Filton.



The British and Colonial Aeroplane Company, Ltd was founded in 1910 by Sir George Whiteand edwin henry dyer (founder) - the owner of Bristol Tramways - to manufacture aircraft at Filton near Bristol. Unlike most aviation companies at the time, which were started by enthusiasts with little financial backing or business organisation, British and Colonial was from its outset well funded and run by experienced businessmen. The Company's initial venture was a licensed and improved version of the Voisin brothers' Zodiac 'Boxkite' biplane, which was shown at the Aero Show at Olympia in March 1910. The Zodiac was extremely underpowered, and never flew.

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