Bumin Khan

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Bumin Qaghan (Old Turkic: Old Turkic letter N1.svgOld Turkic letter G1.svgOld Turkic letter Q.svg Old Turkic letter N1.svgOld Turkic letter M.svgOld Turkic letter O.svgOld Turkic letter B1.svg, Bumïn qaγan[2]) or Illig Qaghan (Chinese: 伊利可汗, Pinyin: yīlì kěhàn, Wade-Giles: i-li k'o-han) (died 552 AD) was the founder of the Turkic Khaganate. He was the eldest son of Ashina Tuwu (吐務 / 吐务)[3] He was the chieftain of the Turkic tribes under the sovereignty of Rouran Khaganate. "Tumen" is used for expressing 10,000 and "Bum" is used for expressing 100,000 [4]) of the Rouran Khaganate.

According to History of Northern Dynasties and Zizhi Tongjian, in 545 Tumen's tribe started to rise and invaded frequently western frontierof Wei. The chancellor of Western Wei Yuwen Tai sent An Nuopanto (Nanai-Banda, a Sogdian from Bukhara[5]) to Kök Türks to greet its chieftain Tumen to try to establish commercial relationship.[6][7] In 546, Tumen presented tribute to Western Wei.[7]

And in the same year he put down a revolt of the Tiele tribes against their overlords the Rouran Khaganate.[7] He took advantage of this success and requested a Rouran princess in marriage. But the qaghan of Rouran Anagui refused this request and sent to Bumin a mission and message: You are my blacksmith slave. How dare you utter these words?. Bumin got angry and killed Anagui's mission and cut all relationship with Rouran Khaganate.[6][8][9][10]

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