Buy Now... Saved Later

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Buy Now... Saved Later is One Minute Silence's second album, the follow up to Available In All Colours. It was released in 2000 on V2 Records and was dedicated "to the memory of Neville Anthony Lynch". In contrast to the hip-hop-metal tinge the first album had, Buy Now... Saved Later has a more traditional guitar-metal sound, produced by Colin Richardson.

The cover art features a woman with devil horns, seemingly made of (or at least covered with) dollar notes and holding a Bible in her right hand, and a bitten apple in the left (a reference to temptation). Behind her is a grey One Minute Silence logo which also appears on the CD, on a black background.

Track listing

The songs "It's Just a Ride" and "If I Can Change" were partly inspired by comedian Bill Hicks.

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