Caesar the Geezer

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Chris Ryder also known as Caesar the Geezer, Caesar the Boogieman, and Deck Rider (born 9 November 1966) is a British radio personality of Greek descent, A friend of Kenny Everett, Caesar emulated Everett's use of imaginative and catchy jingles within his show. ("50 million listeners can't be wrong", "Get an aerial, screw it to me head, have a little radio implant-ed") However, unlike his hero, these jingles were not self-produced.


Early career

He began his career as the youngest radio presenter in the UK at the time, as the on air character "Deck Rider" on the Kenny Everett Radio Show on Capital Radio (London) in 1974 . He then got his own show on SE London pirate radio station Skyline Radio in the early 1980s. Caesar then went on to get his first "paid gig" on the Rod Lucas Show on BBC Radio Kent and shortly afterwards they both moved to the newly created Invicta Radio and, in a similar manner to BBC Radio 1 presenter Steve Wright, copied a style from American DJ Rick Dees that has subsequently become known worldwide as the 'Zoo Format'.

Caesar qualified in Social Studies and Law in 1982 and continued to present his show giving advice and helping listeners twice a week which became one of the most popular listened to shows in Kent.

Invicta FM

He later changed his radio name to Caesar the Boogieman when he landed his own show on Invicta Radio after Rod Lucas left the station. Caesar the Boogieman orchestrated some ambitious on-air practical jokes during his time at Invicta. One example; he built up the premise that an asteroid was about to hit the moon, creating a bright light. It would only be safe to look at the light by wearing sunglasses. The show had its serious side with legal advisors and Social Workers as constant guests helping listeners with problems.

The shows received extraordinary popularity at the time with a format that appealed to all ages. The shows themes and discussions were common knowledge among local people at the time the following day.

Characters he featured in his 9-1am slot included Barry Bethall as 'Basil the Butler', Ian Collins as 'The Yob', and Bobby Prior as 'Venus'.

He was terminated from his job with Invicta FM in 1991 over criminal charges related to theft from charity. He was ultimately found not guilty on these charges, but was convicted of intent to defraud.

Essex Radio

He joined Essex Radio 96.3/102.6 FM where he presented a competing night time show to the one he had left at Invicta, before moving onto Kiss 100 hosting the early breakfast show.[1] Then followed Talk Radio UK and he joined Capital Gold in February 1994 and presented a talk show interviewing celebrities from all around the world.

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