Captain Blood (1935 film)

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Dec. 25, 1935 (NY)[1]

Captain Blood is a 1935 swashbuckling film made by First National Pictures and Warner Brothers. It was directed by Michael Curtiz and produced by Harry Joe Brown and Gordon Hollingshead with Hal B. Wallis as executive producer. The screenplay, written by Casey Robinson, is based on the novel of the same name by Rafael Sabatini. It features a stirring musical score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. Some of the impressive sea-battle footage was taken from The Sea Hawk (1924) (not to be confused with Flynn's 1940 film of the same name, though some of the footage was also reused in the initial sea battle scene).

The film stars Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland with Lionel Atwill and Basil Rathbone. It was the first of eight films co-starring De Havilland and Flynn, and in 1938, the two would be re-united with Rathbone in The Adventures of Robin Hood.



In seventeenth century England, Irish Dr. Peter Blood (Errol Flynn) is convicted of treason against the King for aiding a wounded friend who had participated in the Monmouth Rebellion in accordance of his professional duties. He is sentenced to death, but by the whim of king James II, Peter Blood and the surviving rebels are sold into slavery in the English colony of Port Royal. Peter Blood is purchased by Arabella Bishop (Olivia de Havilland), the beautiful niece of the local military commander Colonel Bishop. Arabella, attracted by Blood's rebellious nature, does her best to improve his chances of living by recommending him as the personal physician of the local governor, who is suffering from a gouty foot.

On the outward grumpy for Arabella trying to do him favors, but on the inside silently appreciative for her support, Blood nevertheless continues to hatch a plan of escape, for himself and his fellow slaves. During a Spanish raid on the town, Blood and his fellow slaves escape, steal the Spanish raiders' ship and begin a life of piracy. When the old governor is unable to contain the pirate menace, Colonel Bishop is promoted to his post, and Arabella is sent to England for a recreational sojourn.

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