Carlo Gambino

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Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino, (August 24, 1902 - October 15, 1976) was a mafioso who became boss of the Gambino crime family, that still bears his name today. After the 1957 Apalachin Convention he unexpectedly seized control of the Commission of La Cosa Nostra in the US. Gambino was known for being low-key and secretive. Gambino served 22 months in prison (1938–39), and lived to the age of 74, when he died of a heart attack in bed, "In a state of grace", according to a priest who had given him the Last Rites of the Catholic Church. He had two brothers, Gaspare Gambino, who later married and was never involved with the Mafia, and Paolo Gambino, who was a caporegime in his brother's family.


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