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Carpigiani is an Italian company, located near Bologna, specialising in the production of ice cream making machines.

Brothers Bruto and Poeri Carlo Carpigiani created the famous "Gastecnica S.a.s dei fratelli Carpigiani" in 1944. Following the invention and patenting[1] of the first Batch (ice cream) Freezer 40 years before in 1904 by Emery Thompson of New Rochelle, New York, U.S.A., Carpigiani produced and patented an ice cream machine, named "Autogelatiera".

The technological growth in the 1960s brought Carpigiani to become the worldwide leader in the ice cream machinery, with the invention of the "hard-o-matic".

In 1964 an American secondary company was founded with the name Coldelite U.S.A., in 1971 Carpigiani bought Cattabriga (concurrent firm), in 1989 the Comenda Ali S.p.A. group bought the Carpigiani Bruto S.p.A.

Today Carpigiani detains a market quote of 30% of the whole world machinery production. In 1993 was certified UNI EN ISO 9001:1987.

Today Carpigiani is present in the markets of Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA, Japan, Russia.

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1. United States Patent Office, Patent #814993, Patent Application July 26, 1904 Serial #218,206, Patented March 13, 1906: FREEZING DEVICE - "freezing apparatus...adapted for the making of ice cream."

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