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Carry On is a long-running series of low-budget British comedy films, directed by Gerald Thomas and produced by Peter Rogers. They are an energetic mix of parody, farce, slapstick and double entendres.

Twenty-nine original films and one compilation were made between 1958 and 1978 at Pinewood Studios, with an additional movie made in 1992.



The films featured a regular cast of comedy actors. The mainstays of the series were Kenneth Williams (26 films including presentation of the compilation That's Carry On), Joan Sims (24), Charles Hawtrey (23), Sid James (19), Peter Butterworth (16), Kenneth Connor (17), Hattie Jacques (14), Bernard Bresslaw (14) and Barbara Windsor (10 including That's Carry On). Comedian Frankie Howerd is also associated with the Carry Ons, but only appeared in two films (Doctor and Up The Jungle) and the 1969 Christmas TV special.

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