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Cesare Zavattini (20 September 1902 - 13 October 1989) was an Italian screenwriter and one of the first theorists and proponents of the Neorealist movement in Italian cinema.


Brief biography

Born at Luzzara, near Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, on 20 September 1902, Zavattini studied law at the University of Parma, but devoted himself to writing. In 1930 he relocated to Milan, and worked for the book and magazine publisher Angelo Rizzoli. After Rizzoli began producing films in 1934, Zavattini received his first screenplay and story credits in 1936. In 1935, he met Vittorio De Sica, beginning a partnership that produced some two dozen films, including such masterpieces of Italian neorealism as

Zavattini died in Rome on 13 October 1989.


Among the many celebrated directors of Italian and international cinema Zavattini worked with in his more than 80 films are:

Also, In the short story "La Santa," by Gabriel García Márquez a character is named after Zavattini. In the story, the character is a teacher of cinema.

Selected filmography

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