Chalmers University of Technology

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Chalmers University of Technology (Swedish: Chalmers tekniska högskola, often shortened to Chalmers), is a university in Gothenburg, Sweden, that focuses on research and education in technology, natural science and architecture.



The University was founded in 1829 following a donation by William Chalmers (1748–1811), a director of the Swedish East India Company, whose ships sailed across the world to supply Europe with goods from the East. He donated some of his fortune for the establishment of an "industrial school". Chalmers was run as a private institution until 1937, when the institute became a state-owned university. In 1994 the school once again became a private institution, owned by a foundation. Chalmers is one of only three universities in Sweden which are named after a person, the other two being Karolinska Institutet and Linnaeus University.


On January 1, 2005, the old schools were replaced by new departments:

In addition to these, Chalmers is home to six national competence centres in key fields like Mathematical Modelling, Environmental Science and Vehicle Safety (SAFER).


Approximately 40 per cent of Sweden’s graduate engineers and architects are educated at Chalmers. Each year around 250 post graduate degrees are awarded as well as 850 graduate degrees. About 1,000 post-graduate students attend programmes at the university and many students are taking Master of Science engineering programmes and the Master of Architecture programme. From the year 2007 all Master's programmes are taught in English for both national and international students. This was a result of the adaption to the Bologna process that started in 2004 at Chalmers (as the first technical university in Sweden). Currently about 10% of all students at Chalmers come from countries outside Sweden to enroll in a Master's or Ph.D. programme.

List of International Masters Programmes at Chalmers
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