Chapterhouse Dune

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Chapterhouse: Dune is a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, last in his series of six Dune novels. Published in 1985, it is also known variously as Chapterhouse Dune, Chapter House Dune and Chapter House: Dune.

The book ends in a cliff-hanger which, with Herbert's death in 1986, leaves some overarching plotlines of the series unresolved.


Plot introduction

The Bene Gesserit still find themselves questioning the Golden Path of humanity set by the God Emperor Leto II. Now they must survive the Honored Matres, whose reckless conquest of the Old Empire threatens Bene Gesserit survival. The Sisters must reassess their timeless methods: does ultimate survival go beyond calculated manipulation? Is there greater purpose to life than consolidating power?

Plot summary

The situation is desperate for the Bene Gesserit as they find themselves the targets of the Honored Matres, whose conquest of the Old Empire is almost complete. The Matres are seeking to assimilate the technology and developed methods of the Bene Gesserit. In charge is Mother Superior Darwi Odrade, successor of Taraza, who must create a plan to fight the Honored Matres. The Bene Gesserit are creating a new Dune on the planet Chapterhouse. Sheeana, in charge of the project, expects a sandworm soon. The Honored Matres conquest destroyed the Bene Tleilax, with only a single Tleilaxu Master remaining, Scytale, albeit in Bene Gesserit captivity. He yields a secret of the Tleilaxu: ghola production. The first ghola produced is that of Miles Teg. The Bene Gesserit have two other prisoners on Chapterhouse: Duncan Idaho and Murbella. The Bene Gesserit have accepted Murbella as a novice and are training her to be a Sister, despite their suspicion that she intends to escape back to the Honored Matres.

Lampadas, a center for Bene Gesserit education, has been destroyed by the Honored Matres. One Sister, Lucilla, manages to escape. She carries the shared-minds of millions of Reverend Mothers. Unfortunately, Lucilla is forced to land on Gammu where she seeks refuge with an underground group of Jews. The Rabbi gives Lucilla sanctuary, but to save his organization he must deliver Lucilla to the Matres. But he reveals Rebecca, a "wild" Reverend Mother who has gained her Other Memory without Bene Gesserit training. Lucilla shares minds with Rebecca, who promises to take the memories of Lampadas safely back to the Sisterhood. Lucilla is then "betrayed" taken before the Great Honored Matre Dama. The Matre tries to persuade her to join the Honored Matres, preserving her life in exchange for Bene Gesserit secrets. However, Dama fails and kills Lucilla in the end.

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