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Charytín Goyco (born 23 May 1950[1][unreliable source?]), better known in the show business plainly as Charytín, is a singer, TV presenter and actress from the Dominican Republic. Born in Santo Domingo to a Dominican father and a Spanish mother (her mother was an attorney from Asturias, Spain who found herself exiled during the regime of Francisco Franco), At an early age, her mother took her and her sister to Spain after breaking up with her father. She returned to the Dominican Republic after nearly ten years of living abroad, when her parents reconciled.



Charytín moved to Puerto Rico in the 1970s, where she met her husband, television actor and producer Elin Ortiz. During the 1970s, she began a weekly TV show on WAPA-TV, which aired every Sunday night until 1985.

Charytín became an international superstar with her song Mosquita Muerta, named after a character she played on a comedy section of her show, becoming a chart topper in places like Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina. In 1979, she and Elin had their first son, Shalim, who is now a budding singer and actor that has appeared on Lizzie McGuire and Heroes.

In 1983, Charytín made a movie in Spanish named Verano En Nueva York with Mexican actor Julio Alemán. (Summer In New York). Two of the songs on that movie's soundtrack, Tu Vida Es Un Suspenso Hasta El Final & Para Llegar, became another chart toppers for Charytín. In 1986, she and Chacon acted together, alongside Dominican-Mexican actor Andrés García and Puerto Rican best selling singer, Yolandita Monge, on a soap opera named Escandalo. This telenovela did not enjoy much success and was cut by half by the producers. In 1988, she moved to Miami with Elin and Shalim, and in late 1989, she became pregnant again, giving birth in 1990 to twins, a boy (Alexander) and a girl (Sharina).

During the early 1990s, she dedicated herself to raise her twins, taking them along on the few tours she did and her several trips to Puerto Rico. Late in the 1990s, she returned to television, hosting a show for a television shopping network.

In 2002 she began hosting a celebrity gossip show, Escándalo TV along Marisa del Portillo, Felipe Viel and Lilia Luciano for TeleFutura.

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