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Chernyakhovsk (Russian: Черняхо́вск; German: About this sound Insterburg ; Lithuanian: Įsrutis; Polish: Wystruć) is a town in the central portion of Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, at the confluence of the Instruch and the Angrapa Rivers, forming the Pregolya. It has a population of 44,323 (2002 Census);[1] 39,622 (1989 Census).[2] and is home to the Chernyakhovsk naval air facility.



In 1336, after the Prussian Crusade, the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights Dietrich von Altenburg founded a castle called Instierburg at the site of a former Old Prussian fortification. During their campaign against the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the place was devastated in 1376 and again by Polish troops in 1457. The castle had been rebuilt as the seat of a Procurator and a settlement grew up to serve it, also called Insterburg.

When Albert of Brandenburg-Ansbach in 1525 securalized the monastic state of the Teutonic Knights, Insterburg became part of the Duchy of Prussia and was granted town privileges on 10 October 1583 by the Prussian regent Margrave George Frederick. The town became part of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1701. Because the area had been depopulated by plague in the early 18th century, King Frederick William I of Prussia invited Protestant refugees who had been expelled from the Archbishopric of Salzburg to settle in Insterburg in 1732.

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