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The Chicago Times was a newspaper in Chicago from 1854 to 1895 when it merged with the Chicago Herald.[1]

The Times was founded in 1854,[1] by James W. Sheahan, with the backing of Stephen Douglas. In 1861, after the paper was purchased by Wilbur F. Storey, the Times began espousing the Copperhead point of view in supporting Southern Democrats and denounced the policies of Abraham Lincoln. General Ambrose Burnside suppressed the paper in 1863 because of its hostility to the Union cause, but Lincoln lifted the ban when he received word of it.

Storey and Joseph Medill, editor of the Chicago Tribune, maintained a strong rivalry for some time.

1888 saw the brief addition of Finley Peter Dunne to the newspaper's staff. Dunne was a columnist whose Mr Dooley satires won him national recognition. Dunne left the Times after a single year for the rival Chicago Tribune.

In 1895, the Times merged with the Chicago Herald to form the Chicago Herald-Times.

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