Chick Publications Inc.

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Chick Publications is an American publishing company founded and run by Jack T. Chick which produces and markets Protestant fundamentalist pamphlets, DVDs, VCDs, videos, books, and posters. Chick Publications' best-known products are Chick tracts, which are comic tracts that are available in nearly 100 languages. Arguably all of its products promote and seek to win converts to Christian fundamentalism. While some tracts express views that are generally accepted within Christian theology, e.g. the Incarnation of Christ,[3] other tracts have controversial views and criticisms against cultures, religions and theological concepts. Chick's "espous[ing] a variety of hateful doctrines" have moved the Southern Poverty Law Center to label the organization as a hate group.[4]

Chick Publications has its headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga,[1] while it has an Ontario, California mailing address. All of Chick Publications' tracts, and several excerpts from his full-length comics, may be read without charge at the Chick website. Many older tracts are out of print; however, Chick Publications will print a minimum 10,000 tract special order of any out-of-print series.

On the company's website they also note that "Our ministry is primarily publishing the gospel tracts of Jack T. Chick, but we do occasionally publish a manuscript in book form."[5] They state that if the content "educates Christians in one of the areas for which we have a tract, we would love to see it" and cite several examples; the online store lists nearly a dozen book categories.[5]



The company's web site lists more than 150 comic tracts; all of them can be viewed online, but other materials can generally only be sampled.[6] The site states that several hundred million tracts have been distributed worldwide, with some of them translated into almost 100 languages. However, for the majority of languages, only one tract is available: This Was Your Life. This tract is unique in that, apart from the large number of languages it is published in, it also appears in six different artwork versions, depicting the major racial groups.

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