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For Australian Actor with same name see Christopher Elliott

Christopher Nash "Chris" Elliott (born May 31, 1960) is an American actor, comedian and writer.


Early life

Elliott was born in New York City, the son of Lee and Bob Elliott, who was a well-known comedian as part of the very successful comedy team Bob and Ray.[1][2] He attended the National Theater Institute in 1979.


Elliott often tends to play a smarmy character who thinks he is a "ladies' man" and is clueless to the fact that women cannot stand him. He exploited that in a series of TV advertisements touting snack foods, in which the women tell him "Get out of here!" (though he does not "get it"). Elliott became known in the early 1980s, when he was a writer and performer on Late Night With David Letterman, playing an assortment of recurring oddball characters. His characters on the show included:

  • "The Regulator Guy" – a parody of the The Terminator films. The Regulator Guy spoke with a vaguely Germanic accent and claimed to be "from the future". The Regulator Guy segments were usually pre-taped, and presented by Letterman as the trailer for an upcoming television series. The font used for the title was similar to the font used for the then-popular American television series The Equalizer. In the Regulator Guy's only live, on-stage appearance, Elliott, carried by wires, "flew" over the audience via jet pack onto the Late Night set. The "jet pack" prop appeared to malfunction, which the Regulator Guy then blamed for ruining his dramatic appearance.
  • "The Fugitive Guy" – a parody of the TV series The Fugitive
  • "The Guy Under the Seats" – a short character-comedy bit followed by Elliott as himself (living under the seats, that is) who eventually becomes angry at Letterman and threatens him with some metaphorically articulated comeuppance in the future and always closing with the line "But until that day, I'm gonna be right here, making your life ..a living hell."
  • "The Conspiracy Guy" – During staged audience "question and answer" sessions with Dave, Elliott would approach the microphone and begin accusing Letterman of various plots and schemes, after which "security" would wrestle Elliot to the ground and drag him out of the studio while Elliot yelled threats to Dave.
  • "Marlon Brando" – a parody of Brando, whom Elliott portrays as a semi-deranged man who performs a "banana dance" to the tune of "The Alley Cat".
  • "Chris Elliott, Jr." – a spoof of talk-show host Morton Downey, Jr.
  • "A Television Miracle" – During one Late Night special focused on short films, Elliott was the star of a short about himself, alluding that he was actually an animatronic being that was created for the TV show. The "miracle" was the behind-the-scenes work needed to bring his character to life and others.

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