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Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity.

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'Christadelphians' (from the Greek for Brethren in Christ[1][2] Colossians 1:2 — "brethren in Christ")[3][4] are a Christian group that developed in the United Kingdom and North America in the 19th century. The name was coined by John Thomas, who was the group's founder. Theologically, Christadelphians are notable as the main, and in most countries only, "Biblical unitarian" denomination still active today.

Although no official membership figures are published, the Columbia Encyclopedia gives an estimated figure of 50,000 Christadelphians,[5] which are spread across approximately 120 countries;[6] there are established churches (or ecclesias, as they are often called) in many of those countries,[7] along with isolated members. Census statistics are available for some countries. Estimates for the main centres of Christadelphian population are as follows: United Kingdom (18,000),[8] Australia (9,987),[9] Malawi (7,000),[10] Mozambique (5,300),[11] United States (6,500),[12] Canada (3,375),[13] New Zealand (1,782),[14] Kenya (1,700), India (1,300), Tanzania (1,000), and Philippines (1,000).[15][16] This puts the figure at around 60,000.


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