Christian Democratic Appeal

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Party leader

Chairperson of the parliamentary party in the House of Representatives:


Members of the House of Representatives

Members of the Senate

Members of the European Parliament

Local and provincial government

By far, the CDA has the most members of municipal and provincial councils in the Netherlands. Furthermore, it cooperates in most municipal and provincial governments.


The CDA is mainly supported by religious voters, both Catholics and Protestants. These tend to live in rural areas and tend to be elderly. In some periods, however, the CDA has functioned as a centre party, attracting people from all classes and religions.

Geographically, the CDA is particularly strong in the provinces of North Brabant, Limburg and Overijssel and in the Veluwe and the Westland areas. In the 2006 elections the CDA received the highest percentage of votes in the municipality of Tubbergen, Overijssel (66,59% of the vote). The CDA is weaker in the four major cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht) and in Groningen and Drenthe.



The CDA has 69 560 members in 520 municipals branches. Its current chairperson is Peter van Heeswijk.

Linked organizations

The youth movement of the CDA is the Christian-Democratic Youth Appeal (CDJA, Christen-Democratische Jongeren Appèl ). The CDA publishes the CDA-magazine monthly, and its scientific bureau publishes the Christian Democratic Explorations (Christen-Democratische Verkenningen).

As an effect of pillarization, the CDA still has many personal and ideological ties with religious organizations, such as the broadcasting societies KRO and NCRV, the paper Trouw, the employers organizations NCW and the union CNV.

The CDA participates in the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, a democracy assistance organisation of seven Dutch political parties.

International organizations

The CDA is a member of the European People’s Party and the Centrist Democrat International. Within the EPP the CDA belongs to those parties which least favour a cooperation with the conservatives.

International comparison

As a large Christian democratic party the CDA is comparable to other European Christian democratic parties such as Germany's Christian Democratic Union. It is the Netherlands' largest right-wing party, but it is more centrist than the British Conservative Party.


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