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The Christian countercult movement is a collective description for many, mostly unrelated, Christian ministries and individual Christians who oppose religious groups whose doctrines or practices do not fit within their definition of mainstream Christianity, which they consider to be cults.[1] They are also known as discernment ministries.[2]



Protagonists generally come from an Evangelical or fundamentalist background, although many have Catholic, Eastern Orthodox or Ancient Oriental Orthodox roots.[3]

The countercult movement asserts that non-Christian faiths are spiritually counterfeit and claims the authority to define "true" Christianity, and thus to define "false" Christianity. Christian apologists who write from within this movement argue that a religious body may be defined as a "cult" if its doctrines involve a denial of the teachings which they hold to be essential Christian doctrine (e.g., the doctrine of the Trinity, the person and work of Christ, salvation, etc.).[4][5][6]

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