Circle line (London Underground)

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The Circle line, coloured yellow on the tube map, is the eighth busiest line on the London Underground.[2] It forms a loop line around the centre of London on the north side of the River Thames with, since 13 December 2009, an extension to Hammersmith on its north-western side.



The route now known as the Circle line was authorised when Acts of Parliament in 1853 and 1854 empowered the Metropolitan Railway (MR) and the Metropolitan District Railway (MDR) to construct the world's first underground railway in central London. From an initial section between Farringdon and Paddington stations, the route was gradually extended at each end. Financial difficulties in the construction of the section through the City of London, as well as animosity between the two railway companies, delayed completion of the full circuit until 6 October 1884, although it had been known as the Inner Circle since the 1870s.

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