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Citizens United is a conservative non-profit organization. Its president and chairman is David Bossie.



Citizens United describes its mission as being dedicated to restoring the United States government to "citizens' control" and to "assert American values of limited government, freedom of enterprise, strong families, and national sovereignty and security." To fulfill this mission, Citizens United undertakes various educational projects, including television advertising and feature-length documentaries.[1]

Citizens United was founded in 1988. David Bossie has been its president since 2000. Its offices are on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, D.C. The associated Citizens United Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.


Citizens United is known for supporting conservative causes even when they conflict with the Republican Party. The group produced a television advertisement that reveals several "surprisingly liberal" legislative actions taken by John McCain,[2] which aired on Fox News Channel.[3] On October 2, 2006, in reaction to revelations of a GOP cover-up of inappropriate communications between Congressman Mark Foley and teenage pages, Citizens United president David Bossie called on Dennis Hastert to resign over his role in covering up the scandal.[4]

American Sovereignty Project

The American Sovereignty Project is the grassroots lobbying arm of Citizens United, focused on issues related to American sovereignty and national security. Its goals include a complete withdrawal from the United Nations, defeat of the treaty establishing a permanent International Criminal Court, and "rejection of one-world government".[1]


Citizens United's current leadership includes David N. Bossie, President and Chairman; Michael Boos, Vice President and General Counsel; Douglas L. Ramsey, Secretary-Treasurer; and Directors Ron Robinson, John Bliss, Kirby Wilbur.

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