Clancy Wiggum

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Chief Clancy Wiggum is a fictional character from the animated television series The Simpsons, voiced by Hank Azaria.



Wiggum is the chief of police of the Springfield police department. He is an extreme stereotype: obese, dim witted, ignorant, grossly incompetent, and lazy, with a fondness for doughnuts, "Chintzy Pop" (a fictional popcorn based on Jiffy Pop), and Shamrock Shakes (as seen in the episodes Stop or My Dog Will Shoot and Chief of Hearts).

While he pretentiously feigns authority, he has little regard for individual rights or even public safety. He is disturbingly uninformed and flaunts his power, albeit with good intentions most of the time. He, along with the rest of Springfield's government and police force, is also corrupt, having asked for or taken bribes several times. As an example of this, in "The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase" he moves to New Orleans after being kicked off the Springfield Police Force for massive corruption (although this segment was something of a spoof). He has also notably solicited Troy McClure and Homer Simpson for bribes in exchange for "looking the other way" to their criminal activities. When Bart bribed him with stolen wedding presents, he said "Hey, read my badge!" At the bottom of the badge was the caption: "Cash Bribes only". He has a strained relationship with Mayor Quimby, as the two men vie to have control over the city, which once lead to a serious argument in regards of who takes over during an emergency on the Monorail crisis. Wiggum claims to have compromising photographs of the mayor, which may help to explain why he has retained his job despite his inability to do anything his duties requires of him.

He is often assisted by his more intelligent (but still quite lazy and often rather cocky) "top cops" Eddie and Lou. He is completely ignorant of Springfield's laws and often quotes sayings from the police handbook which cannot actually be found in the book.


Clancy Wiggum was possibly born in Baltimore, Maryland.[citation needed] He mentioned he used to sell ribbons there with his father, Iggy Wiggum. Iggy was a World War II veteran who died in a parade float accident in 1979. He did, however, grow up in Springfield and was among the same class and age group as Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Barney Gumble, and Marge Simpson (née Bouvier). At an early age Wiggum played cops and robbers with Homer and other kids his age and he showed a clear ambition to become a police officer. At the age of 16, he was a hall monitor at high school, and possibly had a part-time security guard job at Springfield State University. Wiggum was present at the University's germ research labs (Prof. C. Montgomery Burns was chairman at the time) when Mona Simpson and the hippie activist group she was part of sabotaged the germ experiments. Wiggum, who had suffered from asthma prior to that, was cured by antibiotics that the group released to kill the germs, and helped Mona Simpson escape the police when she was on the run twenty-five years later for curing his asthma and making the police force.

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