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Clangers is a British stop motion animated children's television series of short stories about a family of mouse-like creatures who live on, and in, a small blue planet in dark space. They speak in low whistles, and eat green soup supplied by the Soup Dragon. The programmes were originally broadcast by the BBC from 1969-1972.

The series was made by Smallfilms, the company set up by Oliver Postgate (writer and narrator) and Peter Firmin (modelmaker, animator and illustrator). Firmin designed the characters and his wife knitted and 'dressed' the Clangers. Music – which was often part of the story – was by Vernon Elliott.



The Clangers originated in a series of children's books which originated from another Smallfilms production, Noggin the Nog. Publishers Kay and Ward created a series of books from each of the Noggin the Nog episodes, which were then extended into the series called Noggin First Reader, a series aimed at learn to read and initial reading skills.[1]

In the 1967 published story Noggin and the Moon Mouse, a new horse-trough was put up in the middle of the town in the North-Lands. A spacecraft hurtled down and splashed into it, and the top unscrewed and out came a largish, mouse-like character in a duffel coat, who wanted fuel for his spacecraft. He showed Nooka and the children that what he needed was vinegar and soap-flakes… so they filled up the various tanks up in this little spherical ship and took off in a dreadful cloud smelling of vinegar and soap-flakes, covering the town with bubbles.[1]

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