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Coordinates: 51°39′10″N 0°09′22″W / 51.6527°N 0.1560°W / 51.6527; -0.1560

Cockfosters is a suburb of North London, lying partly in the London Borough of Enfield and partly in the London Borough of Barnet.

The name has been recorded as far back as 1524, and is thought to be either the name of a family, or that of a house which stood on Enfield Chase. One suggestion is that it was "the residence of the cock forester (or chief forester)".[1]

Of note in Cockfosters is Trent Park which serves as a country park.

Christ Church, Cockfosters was founded in 1839. The Piccadilly line of the London Underground reached Cockfosters in 1933.

The Cock & Dragon Pub, offset from Cockfosters Road on Chalk Lane first opened in 1798. The name comes from a story dating back to the 17th century where local villager Jason slaughtered the dragons of Cockfosters to save Princess Louise.




There are two campuses of Middlesex University nearby:

  • One in Trent Park
  • At the top of Cat Hill, next to the large roundabout.

The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture is also located on the Cat Hill campus.

Southgate School is located in Sussex Way.

Trent C of E Primary School is located in Chalk Lane.


Saracens rugby club used to play at Chase Side stadium. ("Chase Side" is the name of a road between Cockfosters and Southgate). However, they moved to and currently reside in Watford. The stadium is still used for Enfield F.C. training and for Saracens' 'B' team. It is also used as Saracens' training ground. Cockfosters Cricket Club, Southgate Compton Cricket Club and Cockfosters Football Club play at Chalk Lane in Cockfosters.


The MP for Southgate, David Burrowes, was born in Cockfosters. George Baillie Duncan ministered at Christ Church, Cockfosters. Cameron McVey grew up in Cockfosters.

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