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This is a list of the colleges within the University of Cambridge. These colleges are the primary source of accommodation for undergraduates and graduates at the University and at the undergraduate level have responsibility for admitting students and organising their tuition.[1] They also provide funding and/or accommodation for some of the senior research posts in the University.[2]

The University of Cambridge has 31 colleges,[2] of which Peterhouse is the oldest, founded in 1284.[3] The newest college of the university is Robinson, founded in 1977.[4]

Three Cambridge colleges admit only women (Murray Edwards, Newnham and Lucy Cavendish). The other colleges are now mixed, though most were originally all-male. Darwin was the first college to admit both men and women, while Churchill, Clare and King's colleges were the first previously all-male colleges to admit female undergraduates in 1972. Magdalene was the last all-male college to become mixed in 1988.[5] Two colleges admit only postgraduates (Clare Hall and Darwin), and four more admit only mature students (i.e. 21 years or older on date of matriculation) and graduate students (Hughes Hall, Lucy Cavendish, St Edmund’s and Wolfson).[6] All other colleges admit both undergraduate and postgraduate students with no age restrictions.



Key: U–undergraduates, P–postgraduates.

There are also several theological colleges in Cambridge (for example Westcott House, Westminster College, Wesley House and Ridley Hall) that are affiliated with the university through the Cambridge Theological Federation. These colleges, while not officially part of the University of Cambridge, operate programmes that are either validated by or are taught on behalf of either the University or Anglia Ruskin University.[45]

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