Comic Book Guy

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The Comic Book Guy is a recurring fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. He is voiced by Hank Azaria, and first appeared in the second-season episode "Three Men and a Comic Book", which originally aired on May 9, 1991. He is the proprietor of a comic book store, The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. Comic Book Guy is based on "every comic-bookstore guy in America"[1] and represents a stereotypical middle-aged comic-book collector. He has become well known for his catchphrase, "Worst. (Noun). Ever!"


Role in The Simpsons


Comic Book Guy (claiming Jeff Albertson to be his real name) is an obese, nerdy and snobby man best known for his eloquence and sarcastic quips. He is obsessed with collecting comic books and is an avid science fiction buff. He holds a master's degree in folklore and mythology (he translated The Lord of the Rings into Klingon as part of his thesis),[2] has an IQ of 170, and is a member of the Springfield branch of Mensa.[3] He has long hair which he always keeps tied in a ponytail. His catch phrase is the declaration "worst/best [subject] ever", sometimes to the point of breaking the fourth wall. For example, in the episode "Saddlesore Galactica", he wears a T-shirt saying "Worst Episode Ever" while criticizing the idea of the Simpson family keeping a horse since it had already been done. Another example of breaking the fourth wall occurs in another episode, when Comic Book Guy's chair collapses, and he says sarcastically "Ooh, a fat man falls. Real original." [4] Despite his solitary life, in The Simpsons Movie, minutes before his likely death, Comic Book Guy says that his obsessive comic book collecting is a "life well spent". However, in "Treehouse of Horror VIII", when a nuclear missile homes in on him, he says to himself "Ohh, I've wasted my life." (Although the Treehouse of Horror trilogy is not part of the normal Simpsons canon). In the 19th season finale, "All About Lisa", it is revealed that he has long, beautiful, overflowing hair. Comic Book Guy not only has a heart attack in Season 12 but encounters death twice; once in a French missile strike on Springfield, and also in "Treehouse of Horror XVI", where Comic Book Guy is killed by Mr. Burns for refusing to run for five whole minutes.

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