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This article concerns communications in Bolivia. Bolivia is a country in South America which possesses a number of modern communications systems. The country code for Bolivia is "BO".


Telephone and internet

According to 2005 figures, there are 646,300 main telephone lines in Bolivia and 2.421 million mobile telephones, but new subscribers to the telephone network can encounter bureaucratic difficulties. Most telephones are found in La Paz and other cities, and the use of mobile telephones is increasing rapidly in the country.

Domestic telephones use a primary trunk system, which is undergoing expansion. The system also makes use of fibre optic cables and digital microwave radio relay. For international telecommunications, the country has a satellite earth station and uses one Intelsat. The telephone country code for Bolivia is 591.

In 2006, in Bolivia, there were 20,085 internet hosts, and 480,000 users of the internet.

Radio and television

There are 171 AM, 73 FM and 77 shortwave radio broadcast stations in Bolivia, serving around 5.25 million radios, in 1997. In the same year, there were 48 television stations, serving 900,000 televisions.


This article was originally adapted from the CIA World Factbook.

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