Communications in Brunei

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Communications in Brunei




Telephone service throughout the country is excellent. International service is good to Europe, US and East Asia



  • Broadcast stations: 4 (including 2 UHF stations broadcasting a subscription service) (2006)


Broadband access

Brunei's internet service is monopolized by a recently incorporated company TelBru under their "Brunet" department. ADSL speeds range from 512 kbit/s to the maximum speed of 1 Mbit/s through ADSL broadband. 1 Mbit/s was only recently introduced in 2006 and priced at BND$128 per month (Equivalent to Singapore currency). It is known that the Brunei's broadband ranging from 512 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s is one the most expensive in the world. The limited market in Brunei means that development in the telecommunications sector is stagnant. Currently only about 11000 users out of a population of 380,000 have any connection to the Internet. More and more[quantify] users are subscribing to 3G Mobile services. Broadband coverage has spanned the whole of Brunei since the release of "E-Speed 2".

Pricing of ADSL service in Brunei

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