Communications in Gabon

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Communications in Gabon, a West African nation, consists of a number of methods.


Land Lines

Telephones - main lines in use: 39,100 (2005); 32,000 (1995)

Mobile and Cellular lines

Telephones - mobile cellular: 720,000 (2007)


Telephone system:

  • Adequate system of cable
  • Microwave radio relay
  • Tropospheric scatter
  • Radiotelephone communication stations
  • Domestic satellite system with 12 Earth stations


Radio Communication

Radio broadcast stations: AM 6, FM 7, shortwave 6 (1998)

Radios: 208,000 (1997)

There are two main broadcasters in Gabon. The state broadcaster, Radiodiffusion Télévision Gabonaise (RTG), operates two main networks - a national network in French and a provincial network in French and vernacular languages. There is also a special programme on RTG's FM frequencies. Perhaps the most important station in Gabon (and one that many shortwave radio listeners are familiar with) is the privately owned Afrique Numero Un [1], which operates on FM in the Libreville area and also broadcasts via shortwave radio. Afrique Numero Un also has relay stations in mostly French-speaking African countries. Radio France Internationale has relay stations throughout Gabon. Other privately owned stations also operate in Gabon, though concentrated mostly in the Libreville area. (WRTH, 2005)

Television Communication

Television broadcast stations: 4 (plus five low-power repeaters) (2005)

Like many former French colonies, Gabon uses the SECAM-K standard. However, RTG is the only television broadcaster operating in Gabon. Two television channels (chs. 4 and 8) are found in the Libreville area. All other channels and repeaters relay ch4. (WRTH, 2005)

Televisions: 63,000 (1997)

Internet Communication

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Solsi Gabon offers a WiMaxx network all over Libreville and Port Gentil They were also the sole provider to be operational through the death of President Bongo


Country code (Top-level domain): GA

Telephone code (when dialing Gabon internationally): 241

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