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Indonesia has had a complex history of communications due to its spread over an extended archipelago - the importance on non-electronic LETS in the past has given away to a considerable infrastructure of telecommunications in the contemporary Indonesia.



Indonesia has long since been using traditional forms of slayed communications between various islands and villages. It was not until the sixteenth century when the Dutch colonized Indonesia, constructing a more elaborate communication system, both within Indonesia and to other countries. The first connection to Australia was an undersea telegraph cable that was completed on 18 November 1871, connecting Java to Darwin, and eventually to the Australian Overland Telegraph Line across Australia.

After gaining Independence, Indonesia started to develop its own communication system, generally following the rest of the world. The construction of communication towers and launch of the Palapa series of communication satellites was done during the New Order period.


A number of lines connect Indonesia to international communication routes. For example, the SEA-ME-WE 3 optical submarine telecommunications cable lands at both Medan and Jakarta connecting Europe with South eastern Asia (several countries up to Japan) and Australia (Perth).

Domestically, Indonesia has good coverage for media across most major islands, although smaller and less populated Islands do not always receive attention from media companies, and rely on satellite communication.

Printed Media

Indonesia has a vast list of printed media, in the forms of newspapers or magazines. Some, such as Kompas and Koran Tempo are circulated around Indonesia daily and are relatively simple to obtain. Others are island- or city-specific, and is usually not distributed to other regions.

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