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The telecommunications in Jersey relate to communication systems in the Bailiwick of Jersey, which is a British Crown Dependency off the coast of Normandy, France.

Telephones - main lines in use: approx 57,700 (2009).

Telephones - mobile cellular: Jersey Telecom, Sure (Cable & Wireless) and Airtel-Vodafone. Approx 108k active SIMs.

With over 120 mobile phone masts spread across its 116 km2 (45 sq mi) area, the island has a phone mast density almost 5 times that of the United Kingdom as a whole but similar to any urban area.

Telephone system:
domestic: Jersey Telecom - System X supplied by Marconi, Marconi SoftSwitch and UT Starcom SoftSwitch
international: 4 submarine communication cables, 2 microwave links

Radio broadcast stations:

Radios: NA

Television broadcast stations: 2 Channel Television - See entry on Channel Television.

Also Sub Opt from BBC One of Spotlight Channel Islands

Televisions: NA

Cable Television:- Newtel Solutions

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): The biggest ISPs are Jersey Telecom (JT Freesurf for Dial-up and JT Rapid for Broadband ADSL) which provides a wide range of fixed telecom, private network, broadband, ISP and data centre services, Newtel Solutions (an independent, privately owned Channel Island telco) and Sure (Cable & Wireless).

Postal Operator: Jersey Post

Post and Telecommunications Regulator Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority

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