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Communications in Tanzania have in the past often been very unreliable. The mobile telephone services are usually available only in urban areas, although there are currently efforts to provide nationwide mobile phone coverage.[1] Competition in Tanzania's telecommunication sector is expected to get stiffer after the country's regulatory authority licensed four more cellular phone service providers to bring the number to ten.[2]


Mobile Phone Companies

Internet Services Providers(ISPs)

Internet services have been available since 1996 however there is no current fiber connectivity available to the Internet backbone, thus the connectivity is over Satellite network to the rest of the world, even to the neighbouring countries. It is expected that EASSY fiber project will bring in Internet connectivity to Tanzania at lower latency and lower cost. Some of the Internet Service Providers are;

  • Africa Online Tanzania [1]
  • Afsat Communications Tanzania Limited [2]
  • Arusha Node Marie [3]
  • Benson Online [4]
  • Cats-Net [5]
  • Kicheko [6]
  • Raha [7]
  • Spicenet [8]
  • Tansat [9]
  • TTCL[10]
  • University Computing Centre [11]
  • ZanLink [12]
  • - rural based ISP [13]

The complete list of the ISPs can be accessed from Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority(TCRA) website [14]

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