Communications in the Solomon Islands

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Communications in the Solomon Islands.

Telephones - main lines in use: 13,000 (2009)

Telephones - mobile cellular: 55,000 (2009). A new mobile telecommunications operator is to commence operations in 2010.

Telephone system:
domestic: GSM mobile phone network covering all provincial capitals along with several other townships and villages and a landline system covering all provincial capitals and some townships.
Backhaul is principally via satellite along with some microwave and fibre optic.
international: satellite earth stations based in Honiara and Gizo - Intelsat (Pacific Ocean).
Solomon Islands has no undersea fibre connection.

Radio broadcast stations: AM 3, FM 0, shortwave 1 (2002). The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, founded in 1976, transmits regular programming.

Radio Receivers: 57,000 (1997) In addition to regular broadcast stations, several shortwave utility station networks exist, such as the Church of Melanesia network.

Television broadcast stations: 1 (2009). Transmitters are located in Honiara, Auki and Gizo, programming is a mixture of local news and other locally generated content in Solomon Islands Pidgin and English, along with content from Australia Network, Television New Zealand and Aljazeera.
In Honiara BBC World and Australia Network are also broadcast free-to-air on separate channels.

Televisions: 3,000 (1997)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Solomon Telekom

People First Network (PFnet) operate a community email network with 17 rural access points (Apr 2005)

PFnet is also establishing a VSAT network of distance learning centres in rural community schools under an EU-funded project It is hoped each host school will contribute to the Wikipedia or create their own wikis.

Country code (Top level domain): SB

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