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Compaq Computer Corporation is an American personal computer company founded in 1982. Once the largest supplier of personal computing systems in the world,[1] Compaq existed as an independent corporation until 2002, when it was acquired for $25 billion by Hewlett-Packard.[2][3]

The company was formed by Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto — former Texas Instruments senior managers. The name "COMPAQ" was derived from "Compatibility and Quality",[4] as at its formation Compaq produced some of the first IBM PC compatible computers.[5][6]

Prior to its takeover the company was headquartered in northwest unincorporated Harris County, Texas, United States.[7]




Compaq was founded in February 1982 by Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto, three senior managers from semiconductor manufacturer Texas Instruments. Each invested $1,000 to form the company. Their first venture capital came from Benjamin M. Rosen and Sevin Rosen Funds. The original Compaq PC was first sketched out on a placemat by the founders while dining in a local Houston restaurant, House of Pies.[8]

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