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The Cornish Nationalist Party, (theCNP), Cornish: Parti Kenedhlek Kernow, is an unregistered political party in the United Kingdom, led by Androw Hawke Chairman and John Le Bretton Vice Chairman and campaigning on issues for Cornwall and the Cornish people. .[1] It was formed by people who left Mebyon Kernow on 28 May 1975.[2].

A separate party with a similar name (the Cornish National Party)[3] existed from 1969. [4]

The split was down to the same debate that was occurring in most of the political parties campaigning for autonomy from the United Kingdom at the time (for example the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru), whether to be a centre-left party appealing to the electorate on a social democratic line, or whether to appeal emotionally on a centre-right cultural line. Another subject of the split was whether to embrace devolution as a first step to full independence (or as the sole step if this was what the electorate wished) or for it to be "all or nothing").

The CNP is a realistic progressive party working for the best governance for Cornwall. The CNP supports the current administrative set-up consisting of Parish/Town Councils and Cornwall Council. The Party does not seek a Cornish Assembly as believes extra powers and functions can be delivered through the current Cornish authorities.

The CNP works to preserve the identity of Cornwall and improve its economy, and encourages links with Cornish people overseas and with other regions which have distinct identities. It also gave support to the standard written form of the Cornish Language as supported through the work of the Cornish Language Partnership. Thomas Flamank, a leader of the Cornish Rebellion in 1497,is commemorated at an annual ceremony at Bodmin on 27th June each year.

Dr Whetter, former Chairman, still publishes a quarterly journal, The Cornish Banner (An Baner Kernewek). This is done within the actions of the Roseland Institute.



The Cornish Nationalist Party, now commonly known as thecnp, is seeking new members from throughout Cornwall to join it's organisation. The new Chairman is Androw Hawke from Bodmin, Androw is well known in the Cornish community for organising the St.Piran Day celebrations in Bodmin from 2006 to 2010. Androw is looking to strengthen the Party so that members can contest local elections in the future. The new Vice-Chairman is John Le Bretton from Penzance. John has been establishing the Party in West Cornwall since October 2010 and is supporting the establishment of a branch on The Isles of Scilly.


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