Cottian Alps

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The Cottian Alps (French: Alpes Cottiennes; Italian: Alpi Cozie) are a mountain range in the south-western part of the Alps. They form the border between France (Hautes-Alpes and Savoie) and Italy (Piedmont). The Maddalena Pass separates them from the Maritime Alps; the Col du Mont Cenis separates them from the Graian Alps; the Col du Galibier separates them from the Dauphiné Alps. The Fréjus Road Tunnel and Fréjus Rail Tunnel between Modane and Susa are important transportation arteries between France (Lyon, Grenoble) and Italy (Turin).

The Cottian Alps are drained by the rivers Durance and Arc and their tributaries on the French side; by the Dora Riparia and other tributaries of the Po on the Italian side.



The chief peaks of the Cottian Alps are:


The chief passes of the Cottian Alps are:

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Coordinates: 44°45′N 7°00′E / 44.75°N 7°E / 44.75; 7

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