Criehaven, Maine

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Criehaven, also known as Ragged Island, is a township in Knox County, Maine, United States. It consists primarily of Ragged Island, just south of Matinicus Isle in outer Penobscot Bay, plus Matinicus Rock to its southeast, and Seal Island, the location of Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, to its northeast.[1] The township was formerly a plantation that surrendered its organization in 1925. The population was 0 at the 2000 census.



According to the United States Census Bureau, the location has a total area of 131.8 square miles (341.3 km²), of which, 0.7 square miles (1.9 km²) of it is land and 131.1 square miles (339.5 km²) of it (99.46%) is water.


As of the census[2] of 2000, there were no people living in the location. There are people that have houses on Criehaven and some stay all summer and some people stay just part of every week. Seasonally there are ten lobster fishing families and ten non-fishing families.

About Criehaven

Criehaven is on Ragged Island, which is known as the "Island of Lobsters". [3] The Town of Criehaven also includes Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, to the northeast of Ragged Island.

Criehaven had an operating school until 1941, when the school closed for lack of a teacher. This blow shook the year-round community. No one lives on the island year-round anymore.

Criehaven is pronounced "cree-haven", after Robert Crie ("cree"), an early landowner (1825-1901). He and his wife, Harriet Hall (1829-1919), moved to Ragged Island in 1849 where Robert became very successful with farming and lumbering operations. Ragged Island became incorporated as Criehaven in 1896. Robert Crie's grandfather John Crie was a Scotsman who had settled on nearby Matinicus Isle after the Revolutionary War. See the Cree Surname Research web site

Criehaven is the former home of writer Elizabeth Oglivie and the inspiration for her "Tide Trilogy." Writer Dorothy Simpson lived on Criehaven for many years.

In 2007, Criehaven was the inspiration for a student-made miniseries broadcast to the world on as part of their College Soap Opera Contest. The two-part drama brought together Theater students from the University of Southern Maine and a freelance collective of filmmakers called, "The Entertainment Experiment", based in Gorham, Maine. After much celebrated attention, "Criehaven" finished in the top 5 of all video submissions nationally.

The shorts starred Stacy Ann Strang, Ian Carlsen, Nate Amadon, Erik Moody, Meghan Benton, and Rick Dalton. Crew consisted of filmmakers Barry Dodd, Karen Dodd, Dylan J. Robnett, Jake Lear, and Sebastian Carlsen.

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