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Crossfire (1947) is a film noir drama film which deals with the theme of anti-Semitism,[1][2] as did that year's Academy Award for Best Picture winner, Gentleman's Agreement. The film was directed by Edward Dmytryk and the screenplay was written by John Paxton, based on the novel The Brick Foxhole by screenwriter and director Richard Brooks. The film features Robert Mitchum, Robert Young, Robert Ryan and Gloria Grahame. It received five Academy Award nominations, including Ryan for Best Supporting Actor and Gloria Grahame for Best Supporting Actress.[3] It was the first B movie to receive a best picture nomination.[4]



A man (Sam Levene) is killed by a drunken, recently demobilized American soldier (Robert Ryan) simply because he is Jewish. The film also addresses the post-World War II issue of soldiers being released from the military with no training other than as soldiers.


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