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Coordinates: 52°40′36″N 0°10′08″W / 52.6768°N 0.1688°W / 52.6768; -0.1688

Crowland (modern usage) or Croyland (medieval era name and the one still in ecclesiastical use) is a small town in south Lincolnshire, England, positioned between Peterborough and Spalding, with two sites of historical interest.



From 1894 the parish, being the only part of the Peterborough Rural Sanitary District in Lincolnshire, formed the Crowland Rural District on its own. This was merged into Spalding Rural District under a County Review Order in the 1930s. It has formed part of the South Holland district since April 1974.

Crowland falls within the drainage area of the Welland and Deepings Internal Drainage Board.[1]

Crowland is nearer to the outskirts of Peterborough than Spalding, and (similar to other settlements of the Welland) is less than a mile north of the Lincolnshire boundary with the City of Peterborough. The main road is the A1073 which connects with Spalding to the north and Peterborough to the south (via Eye and the A47). The east-west B1166 connects with Deeping St. James along the north side of the Welland to the west and Holbeach Drove to the east, and Thorney is accessed via the B1040 to the south-east.

The civil parish extends south on the A1073 (now being improved to the west) as far as Kennulph's Drain. This is the boundary with a small section of Newborough, which encompasses the parish adjacent south, that of Borough Fen. The new A1073 improvement crosses the old road (from east to west) just south of the Alderlands farm and campsite. The parish boundary follows a drain and the new A1073 between Kennulph's Farm and Poplar's Farm. It follows Speechley Drove to the north and to the west of Eardley Grange, bordering Borough Fen. It crosses the east-west Corporation Bank and then borders Peakirk for a few hundred metres.

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